Learn About: Air Compressor Oil
There are many unique brands and models of air compressors. These items are hand to have around the home or at work. They can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Multiple sizes, power option, and other features are included with the various models. The features can differ from model to model. It is important to practice smart shopping so that you buy the right air compressor that will meet your needs without blowing your budget. Having an air compressor is a great tool that can benefit you greatly. However, all items need to be maintained in order to function to the best of their ability. One of the best ways that you can maintain your air compressor is by changing the oil in the compressor every six months at least. There are a lot of types of air compressor oils. It is important that you purchase the right type of oil for your air compressor.

All You Ever Need to Know Concerning Air Compressor Oil
Air compressor oil can be found at any local hardware or mechanics store. The manual that came with the purchase of the air compressor should have a section where users can learn whether or not they need to use a special type of oil. Changing the oil in an air compressor is much like changing the oil in a car. The old oil must be drained out before new oil can be put in. Some models of air compressors require SAE 10W 40 nondetergent compressor oil. Other models of air compressors require SAE 20 oil. Using the wrong type of oil can serious cause damage to your air compressor that could be irreversible.

What to Look for When Purchasing Compressor Oil
One of the best air compressor oils that one can purchase is compressor oil that is synthetic with no additives. Sulphur is an ingredient in compressor oil that should be avoided because it can cause build up on the faces and valves of the machine. Do not purchase oil with additive dispersants, detergents, or other harmful ingredients that could harm the overall function of your air compressor.

Compare and Contrasting Air Compressor Oil
There are plenty of great options to choose from at the local hardware store and even online. Make sure to not only shop for air compressor oil that is right for your air compressor. You should also look for air compressor oil that is within your price range. Some models need 5W while other models require regular 10W-30 air compressor oil.

Air compressor oil is a must have item if you own or are in the market to purchase an air compressor. There are plenty of options to choose from, but it is important to pay attention to the things that the air compressor oil is made of in order to protect your air compressor from being damaged by cheap oil. Just because an oil is cheap doesn’t mean it is harmful. Users simply need to pay attention to what is in their air compressor oil.

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