Categorized as one of the top 5 best portable air compressors, the Porter-Cable C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor is classified as the best bang for your buck. Experts have analyzed hundreds of models and the Porter-Cable C2002 made the cut time and again.

Compressors can be large, heavy and impractical outside of a professional job space but this highly portable and easy to use compressor is perfect for everything from filling flat tires, to completing home renovations and on the job requirements. The fact that it needs nothing more than normal household circuits to power this compact powerhouse just adds to the fact it is ideal for use around your home or on the job.

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When looking for the best air compressor that will meet your needs you must consider:

  • Performance: when considering which compressor is best suited to your needs, you should in fact consider cubic feet per minute (CFM) rather than the actual pounds per square inch (PSI)
  • Range of Features: Accessories and fixtures will guide you to the best machine for your overall use. Some air compressors come with all types of fittings and inflators and others offer only the basics.
  • Power: Determine if your needs are strictly for indoor use, outdoor use or both. Gas-powered compressors are available but not recommended for indoor use. If you’re looking for general use, you’re best bet is to look at electric compressors. The sizable difference you will want to watch for in your search is the size of the motor and the tank capacity.
  • Price: You don’t have to break the bank to own a quality compressor. By determining your needs and basing your decision off of that, you can rest assured that you purchase the best choice for your standards.

Our Detailed Review
The six gallon tank will deliver more compressed air for longer. It may take a little longer for the tank to fill but all that means is that the pump won’t have to work as hard to sustain pressure. The compressor can produce up to 150 psi and is rated at 2.6 CFM @ 90 psi which enables it to work a wider range of accessories. The shroud, handle and console cover protects the vital components and makes it easy to carry around from job to job. No matter how bigor small that job might be, the Porter-Cable C2002 compressor is ready to go to work for you! The pancake style tank offers stability and the rubber feet with keep it in place.

Another great feature that you don’t find on many comparable compressors are the two outlets, allowing you to run 2 tools at the same time. This is a particular handy benefit in such a compact unit. The dials are positioned conveniently and simple to read, making this highly portable compressor easy to use. At just 30 pounds, the Porter-Cable C2002 is lightweight and can be maneuvered around the job site or home with little struggle. Use it for everything from installing trim on the job to filling a bike tire at home. Praised by homeowners for not only meeting their expectation but exceeding them consistently makes this a compressor you need.

The low amp motor ensures that no breakers will be tripped by an overload when you put this efficient unit to use. Add to this the fact that it easily starts in cold weather or with use of an extension cord. This user friendly design has a built in automatic thermal overload protector and has an oil free motor. This means it is maintenance free for your ease of mind. No messy spills to contend with when using the PORTER-CABLE C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor.

User Reviews Check Available Discounts Other Top Rated Air Compressors

This unit comes from a reputable manufacturer with a great reputation for quality and durability. It truly is the best value for your money. It is an outstanding package when you compare price to performance. There are cheaper air compressors out there that you could find, if your only need is for tire inflation. But if you’re looking for more bang for your buck, the PORTER-CABLE C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor is the one for you. You don’t have to spend a fortune to own quality equipment.

Although rated at 0.8 running horsepower, this motor actually produces more horsepower on start-up but then evens out quickly. The effective power this machine puts out is comparable to other products advertised. Manufacturers use different measurements but the actual power is very similar.

Brand Authority
For over 100 years now, Porter-Cable has provided quality power tools. Porter-Cable is known for introducing a list of quality power tools. The manufacturer’s 3 year limited warranty covers defects caused by faulty materials or workmanship and will repair the product at no cost to you. Customer support and service can be found on their website.

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Technical Details  
Max Tank Pressure150 psi
Tank Size6 gal
Air Delivery @ 40 PSI ISO12173.5 scfm
Air Delivery @ 90 PSI ISO12172.6 scfm
Running Horsepower.8 HP
Voltage120 V
Amps10 Amps
Pump LubricationOil-free pump designLearn About: Air Compressor Oil
Decibel ISO374482 dBA
Quick-Connect Couplers2
Product Weight30 lbs

Porter Cable C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor
The Porter-Cable C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor is by far the best machine that goes above and beyond expectations. It is made by a company with an excellent reputation for equipment that offers quality and durability. This compact unit offers output that will exceed your expectations. Once you get this machine up and running past the simple break-in produces, it will consistently exceed your needs. It has been tested by professionals and is beyond doubt the best value air compressor out there today.
Design and Function
Quality and Reliability
Ease of Use / Maintenance
Brand / Support
  • PSI: 150 psi max tank pressure stores more air in the tank for longer tool runtimes
  • SCFM: 2.6 SCFM @ 90 psi allows for quick compressor recovery time, per ISO1217
  • Tank Capacity: 6 gal Pancake style tank for stability, includes water drain valve and rubber feet
Also Consider:
  • Power Requirements: Low Amp 120V motor starts easily in cold weather or with extension cord
  • Oil Type: Durable oil-free pump for long life and no maintenance
  • Noise Level: 82 dBA
4.8Editor's Pick

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